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To live in a place other people dream of visiting is incredible. Through the lens of my camera OnLocation North Idaho will bring you a slice of life as we know it in the Idaho panhandle. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mr. Strike Out

Don Larsen is one of North Idaho's bigger than life residents, not to mention being at least of foot taller than yours truly. He's a former New York Yankee pitcher and the only man in the history of the World Series to pitch a perfect game. The no-hitter Game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers is one for the record books.
Don's personalized Idaho license plate reads DLOOO ... his initials and the no-hit, no-run, no-error line score from his perfect game.
It was a treat to meet him today on his 78th birthday.


MarmiteToasty said...

Can I just say ........ how cool is that corn on the cob T-shirt lmfao..... I want one LOL


Kerri Thoreson said...

Marmie, I suppose my attire does shout for an explanation. :)
Each August during the North Idaho Fair, the hubs and I do a few shifts in the Lions Club corn on the cob booth. I found the shirts about five years ago and we now wear them at the fair. I've also taken to wearing my corn shirt to the Post Falls Community Picnic. I was headed to the picnic when we made an appearance at a birthday bbq for Lyle Ekness. That's where I met Lyle's good friend Don Larsen. And that's why I have a photo of myself with a legendary and historic baseball player that will be handed down to my grandchildren in which I'm wearing a corn on the cob shirt! LOL LOL