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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's in a Number?

In case you were wondering ... this sign is located at the top of Lookout Pass, at the Idaho / Montana state line on Interstate 90. Why zero? Don't know the answer to that one.

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nic said...

Kerri, exit numbers are based on mile markers. North/south highways are marked from south to north and east/west highways are numbered west to east.

If you know the exit number, you should know how close you are to the state border. For example: The Spokane St exit in Post Falls is exit 5, and it is five miles from the WA/ID border. As you go further east, the exit numbers (and mile markers grow). The Mullan exits are numbered 68 & 69 because Mullan is 68 miles away from the WA/ID border (and it's only a mile from one side of town to the other).

The west to east count starts over at Lookout Pass, because it is counting from the ID/MT border instead of the WA/ID border. The exit for Lookout is exit 0 (mile 0) because it is 0 miles from the ID/MT border. The next official exit in Montana is five miles into the state - exit 5.