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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discover Mill River

This summer I've spent more than a few afternoons at Johnson Mill River Park on the Spokane River. It's been one of the best OnLocation discoveries of the season. Located at 4340 W. Shoreview Lane, the park has 1,000 feet of beach, a day use boat dock, picnic shelter, restrooms and off-street parking. It's a centerpiece of the Mill River neighborhood of single family homes and condos and a prime piece of waterfront real estate that's been part of the Coeur d'Alene Parks system since 2006. Developers Tom Johnson and Cliff Mort gifted the property to the city when they began to create the Mill River development on the site of a former mill.
Tom Johnson died in a motorcycle accident just a few days before the park was officially dedicated in 2007.
But as I sat on the green lawn with a good book this summer I knew that Tom would be pleased to see the families and youngsters enjoying what he provided to the public. He loved that river and spent his lifetime playing on the water. Johnson Mill River Park is a legacy that will be enjoyed for many lifetimes.

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