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Monday, July 2, 2007

A Home for Shasta

Two years ago today a miracle occurred in our community when the news of Shasta Groene being found spread like wildfire. The little girl was the sole survivor of a murderous home-invasion rampage that claimed the lives of her mother, step-father and two brothers. (second photo) She'd been kidnapped and held captive by the murderer for nearly 6 weeks before her rescue.

Our collective joy was tempered by broken hearts for all she lost and what she faced in the coming years. Two years later, that little girl is now a young woman and the love and generosity of so many people has given her something really special... a safe place, a real home to call her own and eased the financial burdens her father, Steve has faced since his struggle with cancer. I drove by the new house last week, it’s a beautiful home but more than that I could sense the love that went into building and furnishing it. It has an aura of security, a protective barrier of love emanating from every corner, every flower pot, every front porch step.
To Midge Smock and Todd Stam, what a special place in that little girl’s heart you’ve earned. May she always feel wrapped in the arms of caring by the people of Coeur d'Alene and around the country. I’m proud to call this community home. http://www.ahomeforshasta.org

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InlandEmpireGirl said...

I have been admiring your blog for a long time, but never left a comment. I now have added you to my blogroll. The house by 4th of July is always in view when I head back to my hometown of Kellogg. Still hard to wrap your brain around.