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Sunday, July 8, 2007

An Athol State of Mind

Athol, Idaho has a population of 676, give or take an old hound dog or two. It lies 18.2 miles north of Coeur d'Alene and 38 miles northeast of Spokane. Athol's been on the map due to the proximity of Silverwood Theme Park and being near the southern entrance to Farragut State Park. Described as being "in the path of growth" with a longitude of 116.71 W and a latitude of 47.95 N, I'm of the opinion it's more attitude than latitude that distinguishes Athol from the pack. Locals pronounce the name, Ath-all but one enterprising insider has banked on the common outsider Ath-ole pronunciation with a line of souvenirs that take a play on words to new levels. Lynne takes her wares on the road, anywhere there's a festival or community celebration. Refrigerator magnets, coffee mugs, can coolers, baseball caps and t-shirts cleverly promote this rural North Idaho town. You likely won't see the old guys at the Athol American Legion Hall sporting the shirts and caps but tourists are jumping on the Athol bandwagon. In North Idaho we can all be "Athols." www.atholgear.com

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Lynet Trujillo said...

I have an "Instant Athol" shot glass and iI would like to buy some more Athol stuff. I logged onto www.atholgear.com but didn't find a "shop". How can I get more Athol stuff? Is there a catalog I can get?