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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama meets Bush

Tyler Bush, that is. Tyler is a Post Falls native who now makes his home in Boise. In Tyler's words ... "February 1, 2008 I had the opportunity with my friends David, Jared, Shea & William to be part of what we called our secret mission "Barack O'Baggage". It was our job to get the luggage from the tarmac of BOI (Boise Airport) to the Grove Hotel, and back again the next morning. Barack was in Boise to give a speech at the Taco Bell Arena. After all of our hard work we got to meet the man himself." From l-r: David Munson, Jared Meyer, Barack Obama, Tyler Bush, Shea Sutton, William Thomas
See the creative side of Tyler at www.awkwardgallery.com

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